Fold7, a magical office in the heart of London, by Paul Crofts Studio

Designed by Paul Crofts Studio for Fold7, an office in the heart of London, one would be quick to overlook the otherwise unassuming building front that matches all others in the area. However, the first thing to draw the gaze is just how enormous the interior actually is. With two floors and measuring 7,000-square-feet, this space is huge when compared to its neighboring offices.

As with all companies, the lobby is the main part of the space as it sets the tone for new and old faces alike. As soon as you cross the front door, one is marveled by statues float high above attached to their umbrellas like a collection of Mary Poppins’ and the “Dry Jacuzzi” meeting areas carved into the floor, very similar to seating at sushi restaurants. Representing the concept of a hotel lobby while managing to keep appearances professional, white lye, Douglas fir boards and stained oak planks work together to bring about a calm, sophisticated world where both visitors and workers can either relax at the in-house café or read any of the books that fill up the surrounding shelves as they wait.

Further in lie the conference rooms, hidden behind doorways that double as bookshelves. Inside are decorated tabletops that complement the carpet and subtly detailed wall and ceiling fixtures. In a tone of humor, each room also comes with its own cuckoo clock to ensure meetings don’t extend beyond their intended timeframe. Downstairs are the 45 workstations that, though pushed to the back, are hardly cramped. The large front windows even completely offset the fact that they are basement workstations.

Paul Crofts Studio was established in 2003 in London and it is dedicated to create interiors as well as customized products and furnishings.Employed by Nike and British Airways as well, Paul Crofts Studio has successfully managed to integrate relaxation with the corporate world. They create a unique atmosphere and they really achieve the feel of a hotel lobby but keeping functional workspaces at the same time. By following the rules of sophistication while allowing for a fair bit of play, Fold7’s artistically practical design truly encapsulates their motto, “Welcome to the Fold.”

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