Hadaway House, a country house in the snow by Patkau Architects

Building a country house in the snow may be a challenging project. This house, located in southwest British Columbia, has remarkable features that make it very special including a stunning location amid an spectacular scenery and panoramic views over the valley. This amazing building has been designed by Patkau Architects based in Vancouver, Canada.

At first glance, the exterior of the house stands out for its size, height and wooden walls. Also, the shape of the roof is specially made to clear the snow easily into convenient areas. Those properties follow an elegant and aesthetic design.

As you enter the house, the living, dining and kitchen areas can be found at the main level and they represent the largest space of the house which share views over the valley. The structure of the interior gives a very important role to the incoming light. There are very interesting elements such as the stairs to the main bedroom and the connecting bridge to the study. At the lowest level you can find more bedrooms and a very large space, accessible from the garage, and particularly suitable for the specifics of life in the snow.

Different materials have been used in the construction. Concrete can be found in the walls of the lower lever while iron and wood are combined in the upper parts of the house. They all are configured to naturally cool the house in summer and to keep it warmer in winter.

Hadaway house is an excellent example of Patkau Architects work where innovation is always the key. They understand architecture as a wide concept involving art, technology, social service and environment. Their vision has led them to design a wide range of buildings and projects from public buildings, as urban libraries or music halls, to modest houses. This project got the Canadian Architect Award of Excellence in 2008, one more in the long list of mentions and prizes that this studio has achieved in its more than 30 years of experience.

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