Honey, I’m home! key holder by Luz and Malorie

When you get home you definitely need a place to leave your keys. Many times you just drop them anywhere and then it happens: where are the keys? A simple routine might become a nightmare when you are in a hurry. To make things easier, Luz Cabrera and Malorie Pangilinan came up with a creative and stylish key holder reminding a beehive.

Luz and Malorie are currently industrial design students in the New Jersey Institute of Technology. They are both eager to learn and always exploring new materials, mediums and shapes in order to improve their skills and technique. This key holder design was presented together with other more than fifty works for Fab’s “First things First”, a competition for NYCx Design 2014.

Both designers got inspired by the iconic phrase “Honey, I’m home!” and they thought of a practical thing which could transmit the idea of home as the place that everybody wants to return to. Behind the phrase lies the idea of family values and returning home. Of course, the sets keys need also a place to return to and, like bees, they will be safe in this elegant wall piece which will remind everyone of home when they are away. The concept has also something to do with the idea of the American Dream and getting home after a busy long day at work to meet your loved ones again.

This is a really brilliant key holder with a beautiful concept and execution. It is a great idea, simple and practical but also useful, fun, emotional and elegant at the same time. Luz Cabrera and Malorie Pangilinan have plans to bring this design into production soon so that everyone interested may soon enjoy this key holder and matching key chains at home.

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