Luxury home at Santo Domingo near Caribbean Ocean

In Republic Dominicana there are this beautiful home waterfront Caribbean sea .

This beautiful home is immersed in an earthly paradise where you can enjoy the calm and serenity accompanied by a tropical climate with an average temperature of 24-27 degrees.

Punta Águila is the place where is that beautiful home, one of the majority visited at the Caribbean destinations .

Here are the best beaches in the Dominican Republic with very clear waters and white along with a wide variety bioclimatic .

In this beauty home can breathe the calm and serenity. Is a privileged place distant from the capital Santo Domingo, a city that combines the sophistication of the modern world .

Seen from the entrance it looks a hidden home, but when you are in front of it you can visualize de big spacious, modern lines and a garden a few steps where it begin the ocean sea.

It is a luxury home with exterior views from every perspective from the all home, since the porch, the living room or bedroom and from the cozy living outside terrace where you can also enjoy wonderful sea views and infinity ocean views.

If you are interested and you want to know more information, please contact us: [email protected]

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