One thousand Museum, a visionary architecture for a premier global city

The condo tower, which will be the first Zaha Hadid-designed skyscraper to grace the skyline of the Western Hemisphere. One Thousand Museum by Zaha Hadid is her first residential skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere.

A fusion of art, architecture and design over the past 30 years, prtizker prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid has become internationally renowned for her designs of sensuous, soaring buildings that push the limits of innovation and blur the lines between art and architecture.

«Visionary architecture for a premier global city»

As Miami has transformed into a truly global city, it has become a prime location for the development of a world- class residential skyscraper that will meet the expectations of clientele with sophisticated taste.

One Thousand Museum appears as a continuous piece of contemporary sculpture from the podium to the crown. The sensuous curves of its structural exoskeleton erect the internal organization of the tower as it rises 0 stories from the arrival podium to a dramatic double-height amenity space at its crown.

The structure of the tower, the massive concrete exo-skeleton, stands in contrast with the delicate and transparent glazing system. The concrete exterior flows in delicate curves around the curtain wall system, creating platforms that create concealed balconies within the complete structure of the facade. The podium is articulated with large metal perforated panels that appear solid. The exo-skeleton flows over this podium and grounds it as it touches down to the street level, unifying the structure and its various material elements.
The structure and material palette is accentuated through concealed lighting that will illuminate and bring the surfaces to life.
The 83-unit building will feature luxury apartments that range from 5,400 square feet to 11,000 square feet and will feature a wide range of amenities including private elevators, media rooms, and libraries.

According to the Wall Street Journal, One Thousand Museum Tower is designed with an interest in “how the structure is manifested,” says Hadid, avoiding the “generic modernist typology.” It is one of several by high-profile architects that are beginning to take root in Miami, changing the tide of investment from real estate that is solely driven by location on the waterfront, to architecture that is high-end, luxury design. This is, of course, speculation, but you can judge for yourself on the value of what One Thousand Museum has to offer.

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