Re_Vinyl, converting old vinyls records in art objects.

Recycling has become an economical way to reuse some products that had some real value in the past but that had been forgotten somewhere for a long time. In times of crisis, imagination and creativity are great tools to produce outstanding new products by upclycling old kind of things which will now enjoy a second chance converted in trendy art objects.

In this case, the designer Pavel Sidorenko used old vinyls records to create beautiful wall clocks, giving them a new and practical use. The vinyls are elegantly crafted on different themes and they represent silhouettes of animals or places while retaining the old grooves of the records as well as their original labels. The outcome is a fashionable and stylish wall clock that will be an attractive decorative item in any room of the house. From the same idea, Sidorenko has designed many different wall clocks in plenty of shapes and color labels, all of them are made by trimming the old vinyls and creating lovely artistic scenes to fit every space and likes.

Some great products and designs are born usually from the simplest ideas. The Re_Vinyl wall clock is a good example of this. Its simplicity and functionality are its main features but it also interacts with the people and the space, transmitting emotions at the same time.

Pavel Sidorenko, born in 1980, is the Estonian designer behind this interesting creation. He studied at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2006 and has a long experience in exhibitions since then, including some important awards. The Re_Vinyl wall clock reflects perfectly the aim of his work: to create distinctive and functional products from simplicity. Apart from the wall clock his work includes other designs in furniture, lighting and interior design.

It is great to see how young talented designers like Pavel Sidorenko come up with new and original designs to make our spaces a little more personal and meaningful. If you fancy his style and proposals, some of their works can be purchased from his online store.

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