The Famous Mies Van Der Rohe Townhouse under $150K


The hip city of Detroit has news of real value. Detroit’s real estate is really showing its affordability with its featuring of this 1959 model of this absolutely gorgeous town house on the market today.

This idealistic piece of haven was designed by the famous modernist and director of the Bauhaus Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. This maculate little home with its 55 years of personal historical story telling has its own little unique charisma that fits in with modern day society. With its 1400 square feet of spacious unique striated cork flooring, it has its own little personality of stylish funkiness.

There is always a scenic view looking through the remarkable wall of exterior reflective glass. Each bedroom gorgeous with its own unique character leaves a choice of three for claiming nightly comfort. It also has on offer a compact stylish kitchen hall for delicious food preparations to enjoy in the scenic dining area.

This townhouse is an ocean for personal multiple personalities. The business professional to the laid back family this 1959 home is more than a blast from the past; it is truly a back to the future dream for the affordable price of $149,900. Before the fine print of the co-op with its $837 monthly “association fee” begins to ruffle feathers remember the authentic bragging rights that come with the historical pedigree and futuristic charisma is a taste that anyone can crave.

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