The Light at Play, interactivity and easy extreme flexible installation.

The recent announcement of the 2014 LuciteLux® JUST IMAGINE Awards entry opening has brought attention to last year’s very creative and impressive winner, “The Light at Play” Radiance Dome.

This stunning dome has nearly 200; two-foot  triangle shaped panels that embrace the glow of LED lights of multiple colors as they change with the sweet sounds of music and the artistic creativity of dance on its 1200 square-foot dance floor.

This magical piece was originally created for the Burning Man Festival in 2013 and was used during the festival for teaching dance on the open floor. Not only is this piece magical it is a very intelligent idea to project one of the most creative lighting designs happening.

The intelligence doesn’t stop with the unique use itself of the LuciteLux® LGP, it proudly continues with interactivity and easy extreme flexible installation. The Dome is full of limitless imaginable use of events, with its easy assembly and disassembly characteristics.

Curiously we implied on what Light at Play has been doing since last year’s impressive win.  With eagerness and inspiration Light At Play continues to discover new potential combinations of LuciteLux® and intelligent lighting systems.

The excitement rises to the eagerness of seeing and living the ultimate experience of the creative designs for the 2014 JUST IMAGINE Awards. Light at Play is curiously looking forward to collaborating with varies artists and designers along with event, festival coordinators, and any other venues that are interested in featuring immersive lighting.

Although Intelligent volumetric lighting is a rapidly developing idea and knowing the expansion rate of this artistic expression and creativity makes one very eager to know what is possible?; and maybe actually push the possibilities to a limitless ledge of  magical and astonishing creations. “To Ultimately shine a light on any situation.”

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