The most popular beaches in the world by Pinterest users

It is now even easier to look for a popular beach with Pinterest’s new Place Pins feature. The visual discovery site has made an aggregate of millions of pins to find users’ most favorite beaches. With this, no one needs a travel plan to look for an awesome beach.

Pinterest is an idea finder that let people find and save visual discoveries all over the world. That’s in case you do not know. Recently, Pinterest launched a feature called ‘Place Pins’ that allows users to pin images of their favorite places with a map attached. While this feature has not lasted up to six months, there are over eight hundred million places that have been pinned in the available Place Boards.

Top 10 Beaches from Pinterest:

10. Venice Beach in Los Angeles:
Making the number ten spot is Venice Beach from Los Angeles in California. This beach is known for a lovely ocean boardwalk with tons of vendors alongside musicians and artists performing every minute.

9. El Matador State Beach:
In Malibu also coming from California, El Matador State Beach picks a number of caves by the shore with a stunning view at night.
el matador

8. Lanikai Beach:
Found on the east coast of Oahu in Hawaii, the world is blessed with another dazzling beach where the rise of the moon is bliss to viewers; also spotting a good sight of the twin islands.

7. Navagio Beach: Navagio Beach gained its popularity as a result of a shipwreck that occurred to Panagiotis; a ship that was allegedly smuggling cigarettes all the way from Turkey. In the Ionian Islands of Greece is where Navagio Beach sits.
greece beach

6. Zenith Beach: Pitched in Australia, at the north side of Sydney, Zenith Nevis Beach is loved by people who prefer a fairly quiet place to enjoy their holiday. It takes the Carribean Sea with great sunset views every blessed night.

5. Cabo San Lucas Beach:
A place where you find the Pacific Ocean converge with the Sea Of Cortez and a spot for the sea lions to gather at El Arco, there goes Cabo San Lucas Beach for you to enjoy; found on the south of Baja in California.
cabo san lucas

4. Whitehaven Beach:
Somewhere around the coast of Queensland, Australia, Whitehaven Beach gives off 98% silica sand for the finest of beach views. A bright and shiny beach as perceived by many!
whitehaven beach

3. Boulders Beach: Picking a top spot for African beaches, Boulders Beach is found in Cape Town with a shore full of rocks, granite and African Penguins that we fear may be running into extinction soon.
boulders beach

2. Big Sur: From the central coast of California, perfectly sitting on Santa Lucia Mountains; Big Sur Beach projects a fine view of the Pacific Ocean and Cone Peak Coastal Mountain.
big sur beach

1. Glass Beach: Again from California, making the number one spot is a place that used to be a home of junks (until the practice was forcefully abolished by the state’s authority). Glass Beach picks up its name from the smooth bits of glass that were left after a clean-up was made at the beach. The beach buoyantly sends a nice view through glass litters. Glass Beach is located at MacKerricher State Park, California.
glass beach

Apparently, California is home to a number of world’s most loved beaches. Thanks to the report from Pinterest’s Place Pins feature.

What is your favorite beach? Vote for it!


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