Tommy Hilfiger Is Restoring The Raleigh Hotel


Tommy Hilfiger is going Iconic
We all know the talented famous Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger. The sexy casual crop top to the stylish hip blue jeans has taken a slight fiesta for the moment as Tommy decides he wants a new Hotel in his fashionable collection. Not just any old hotel will do; Hilfiger has to have the Iconic Raleigh Hotel, like you have to have this season’s new sport top.

You may think the price is a little off the hook for that new top; but rest assure that it is not as off as you think when you take in consideration that your new closet wear is waiting for its first time purchase as the Iconic Raleigh Hotel was last purchased in 2012 at $55 MILLION!

Unlike the small space reserved for only you in your sexy Hilfiger wear the lavishing hotel can supply 105 reservations at a time. The up-side is you can wear your duds anywhere unlike the charming hotel stationed at 1775 Collins Avenue.

Just like Hilfiger’s stylish taste in clothing he is planning an ultimate stylish renovation for the Iconic Hotel. Just as you know the importance of your fashionable famously branded wardrobe; Hilfiger knows the importance of the famous Iconic Raleigh Hotel and its hip location.

Miami Beach shares an equal Importance in the region. The up-scale happenings with hotel investors are making a new brand in the fame of Miami Beach and its sexy and successful city of up-scale investing desires of being and living in such a worthy place.

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