Walgreens Fascinating Ultramodern gift to Brickell


Where there once was a lonely one acre parcel that set at 296 SW 7th Street Brickell, is a new plan in the making; a vision that will become Walgreens new ultramodern place to shop. This idealistic plan will create a new store two blocks west of the lavishing Brickell City Centre.

Although the one acre parcel may have been lonely, it was not however futile; for Walgreens truly seen this little parcel’s narcissistic value. Walgreens foreseen that the 10 million dollar investment would not be in vain once the finished constructions charisma took its grasp on the public’s eye.

Since the sale closed last month, and the permitting is currently underway of the project, this gorgeous eye catching state-of-the-art architecture will be ran by Paradise Ventures project developer George Kidman and each hot tedious design will be created by Architects Frank Demandt and Robert Brown of Demandt Architecture.
Brown, Demandt, and Kidman together will take a once idea and make it a breathtaking, reality that will combine nature with retro transforming this parcel into a live piece of art. This New Walgreens will not need a ton of local advertising for it will surely attract attention on its own existence.

Success in this project is 100% to the positive for Demandt Architecture is no stranger to this type of structure, for they also led the design of three Walgreens in Miami Beach, one of which is still under construction.

What once was empty will now be filled with millions of dollars in value and daily hypnotic shopping experiences that will fill the satisfactions of Brickell residents for years to come; an investment in Brickell and a gift from Walgreens.

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