West Palm Beach city officials want All Aboard Florida to pay for a new access road


Residents of the West Palm Beach have expressed a feeling of discomfort towards the proposed rail project by All Aboard Florida. The project which is expected to be fully active in 2016 is aimed at easing traffic as well as attracting tourists to the city using trains as media.

While this is perceived to be a good concept, the officials of the city are on the other hand requesting for quiet zones at every train crossing. These quiet zones are responsible to avoid noise each time a train passes. Apparently, with quite zones, there would be no need for trains to sound a horn to keep-alert the people nearby at each crossing.

The rail project from All Aboard Florida will lead to several road closures resulting in dead ends across major streets in the city which disagrees with the environmental assessment report that was released last year. The report labels West Palm Beach as a ‘vibrant center with a collection of charming but disconnected neighbourhoods that will not be disturbed by the street closures.’

More questions about safety and boat access to the waterways from the north side residents of West Palm Beach have been left unanswered. Also, the people are heavily concerned about the increment in freight traffic which seems to be inevitable when All Aboard Florida’s services begin. This has forced the city leaders to task the administrative body of All Aboard Florida with the job to provide alternative access to roads (due to closures to make way for trains) and pedestrian bridges whichever way they can be done.

Mayor of the city, Jeri Muoio explains that she has put the worries of the residents into consideration but however supports the rail project. She said, “We are in a position here to get the positive economic impact that our neighbours to our north won’t.”

Muoio also added that she expects All Aboard Florida to provide safety measures that will allow for quiet zones so trains won’t sound their horns at crossings. That being said, the cost for over thirty quiet zones as demanded has been summed up to about $5 million. Mayor Muoio, along with the city leaders has declared that the money isn’t available; thereby urging the state to come to aid in a recently approved resolution.

All Aboard Florida intends to make tracks for trains that will reach Orlando in exactly three hours through Florida East Coast. Also, there are certain plans to have trains that will travel at a speed of 79mph between Miami and West Palm Beach and up to 110mph from West Palm Beach to Cocoa.

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